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Helping victims, survivors and communities approach crime proactively
and engage all parties involved in the healing process




Mission & Vision:

We envision a world where it will be commonly understood that crime is a violation of right relationships between the offender, direct and indirect victims, and the community as a whole. We envision a system of justice designed: to focus on healing the harm caused by crime;

to require/expect the offenders, to whatever extent possible, to take responsibility for making amends and healing the harm they've caused;

to recognize that crime is a community problem that can be addressed successfully only with active community participation -- not by delegation to law enforcement agencies, courts and corrections systems.

This new paradigm of restorative justice honors and respects the humanity, dignity and inherent worth and value of those who experience crime - crime victims, offenders and all who are affected by acts of crime.

In a society that is based upon retributive justice, a restorative justice approach will require a paradigm shift in society as well as the justice system. This paradigm shift will result in laws, justice systems and public policies that promote restorative, rather than retributive justice. With Restorative Justice, the purposes of incarceration will be understood to be public safety and offender rehabilitation, rather than punishment, vengeance or deterrence. This paradigm of justice will reduce the incidence and severity of crime and help to create more peaceful and involved communities.

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